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The vital role of pediatric eye tests

As parents, we’re dedicated to nurturing our children’s growth, both physically and intellectually. Yet, one fundamental aspect that often goes unnoticed is their vision. Pediatric eye tests are crucial, especially during your child’s developmental phase. Did you know that undetected eye problems can significantly impact a child’s educational journey and overall well-being? At Lobb Optical, […]

Reasons why you should buy sunglasses from an optometrist.

We are almost in the middle of the winter and the weather has been erratic. It’s rainy, it’s sunny and snowing at the same time. Your eyes need to constantly adjust to the changing climate and its harmful rays. While we have multiple options to buy sunglasses from various outlets, buying them from an optometrist […]

Taking care of your glasses

Your new glasses have just arrived and you would like them to last a long time? We have all the answers in this guide. If not, just get in touch with someone from our team!  Everyday care for glasses There is more you can do! Cleaning process Don’t have a microfibre cleaning cloth, lens spray […]