Your glasses are the first thing people notice!

we understand that finding the perfect eyewear is a significant decision, much like finding the right partner! We take joy in assisting our wonderful customers in discovering their ideal match in glasses.

Our frame styling appointments allow us to concentrate on revealing all your unique styles and selecting frames to suit every mood and occasion. We're here to alleviate any overwhelm as you explore our extensive collection of stunning glasses.


Glasses are not just for reading!

At Lobb Optical, we believe glasses are more than just tools for reading; they're fashion statements! Express your unique style and personality with our curated selection of designer frames.

Handpicked from renowned international and local designers like MOSCOT, Garrett Leight, Tom Ford, Anne et Valentin, and more, our collection offers something for everyone.

Whether you prefer minimalist elegance or avant-garde flair, vibrant colours or neutral tones, quirky shapes or classic frames, we have the perfect eyewear to complement your individuality!

Book a frame styling session

What does a frame styling appointment include?

Step 1: Learning about you and your style

Our dedicated Eyewear Stylist takes the time to get to know you, asking about your personality, lifestyle, and desired aesthetic for your new frames. We welcome you to bring photos, Pinterest boards, or even your old frames to help us truly capture your unique style.

Step 2: Your facial features and lifestyle

Afterwards, your Eyewear Stylist will analyse your face shape, hairstyle, and eye colour. They'll also discuss your occupation and hobbies to understand how you'll use your eyewear. This step is essential for crafting the perfect blend of style and functionality that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Step 3: Have fun trying on glasses!

We're excited to see which glasses catch your eye initially! Using the insights gathered from our initial steps, we'll offer you a selection of options to try on. With our knowledge of your preferences, we'll suggest frames from our curated designers and address any styling inquiries you may have. Once you've found your perfect pair (or pairs!), your stylist will meticulously adjust the frames for optimal fit and comfort, ensuring they complement your face flawlessly.

Book a frame styling appointment

Book a complimentary frame styling appointment to get some one-on-one, uninterrupted time with one of our highly-skilled, certified Eyewear Stylists. They’ll help you find frames as unique as you are, that suit your personality, lifestyle needs, style and face.

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