From glasses and sunglasses, to contact lenses and more, we offer a wide range of products from trusted brands.

For practical and fashionable solutions, we have you covered!


Lobb Optical has a vast range of frames available, with something for every style and face shape. From elegant metal frames to design plastic frames for men, women and children of all ages, we guarantee you’ll find something you love. Our technicians are experienced in helping you find the perfect pair.

Affordable frames

We believe that the cost of frames shouldn’t be a barrier to helping all Southlanders see clearly.

Prescription sunglasses

All our sunglasses can be adapted for your vision with specific lenses.

Get the perfect fit

We offer repairs and adjustments on all glasses and sunglasses.


Lens design

Single vision

With one power across the whole lens, this is the most common lens option for wearers under 45 years old.

Progressive lenses

A progressive increase in power between the top and the bottom of the lens allows clear vision at any distance.

Occupational lenses

These offer an ideal solution for the office worker or any wearer who requires wide intermediate and near distance reading zones (computer and reading distances).

Bifocal lenses

With a half moon or similar shape area in the bottom part of the lens. This area is used for reading, while the rest of the lens is for distance.

Spectacle lenses

Lobb Optical offers a range of options that can be added to your lenses to enhance their performance and wearability. These include:

Scratch resistant coating

To protect your lenses and increase their durability.

Anti-reflection coating

Eliminates unwanted reflection to give you the clearest vision possible. Also avoids reflection on your glasses in photos.

High index

To offer thinner and lighter lenses than standard plastic lenses. This is a real advantage for lenses with strong prescriptions.

Transitions lenses

Providing a 2-in-1 solution to sunglasses and indoor glasses in one frame. These lenses adjust to changing light conditions, appearing clear indoors and dark outdoors, and offer 100% UV protection.

Note: this lens won’t darken behind the car windscreen. We recommend Transitions® XTRActive by Essilor lenses for a moderate tint behind the windscreen or using sunglasses for driving.

Tinted lenses

To protect your eyes, in every environment, indoor or outdoor.

Polarised lenses

To eliminate the sun’s reflected glare, particularly from surfaces such as water, snow, car bonnets and roads. Polarised lenses provide more contrast, improving your vision and comfort.

Contact lenses

Whether you are considering contact lenses for the first time, returning to them after a time in spectacles or considering a different type of contact lens, we can assist you in finding the right contact lens.

We offer a wide range of contact lenses that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our contact lens packages covers fitting appointments, training sessions for proper insertion and removal and aftercare appointments.

When wearing contact lenses it is important to come back for regular check-ups. We recommend you have an examination every 12 months to ensure that your eyes are remaining healthy while you wear your lenses.

What's the process for getting contact lenses?

We will check your eyes and talk to you about your lifestyle to determine the best contact lenses for you. We will give you some trial lenses so you can wear and ensure they are right for you (not available for custom made lenses). We will show you how to insert, remove and care for your lenses. After you have been wearing your lenses for a few weeks, we will check your eyes again.

Are contacts easy to wear?

Depending on your eye sensitivity, your eyes could adjust to wearing contact lenses within somewhere between 1-14 days. It is very important to follow the routine outlined by your optometrist and contact them if you have any concerns.

Why should I buy my contact lenses from an optometrist?

Returning to your optometrist for your lens supplies ensures you receive up to date information regarding your lens designs and lens care products. Disposable contact lenses are supplied in three or six months’ supply at a time, and you just need to phone or call in to place your order. By ordering from your optometrist you are guaranteed to receive the genuine product and if you have any concerns with your contact lenses, these can be dealt with by us.

Do I still need glasses?

It is advisable to have a pair of glasses to wear as well. You may decide to remove your contacts when you get home from work, or you may still wear your glasses during the day and keep your contacts to use in your leisure times. It is nice to have the choice!


Lobb Optical offers everything you need to take care of your vision and glasses. The following are a few items we stock but pop into the practice to see the full range.

  • Frame cases
  • Cleaning products
  • Anti-fog products
  • Glasses chains
  • Eye drops
  • Magnifiers and lamps
  • Contact lens products
  • Safety glasses
  • Prescription swimming goggles